While conducting research on Ischemic heart disease…

Cardio Prognostics Made An Amazing Discovery!

Cardio Prognostics, Inc. (CPI) discovered that the heart produces a set of harmonics that point to the positions where memory is stored in the brain, and they then discovered that Alzheimer’s causes these positions to shift; The greater the degree of Alzheimer’s, the greater the position shift. This sparked research into the use of an Electrocardiogram in identifying the degree of memory shift so common to folks with Alzheimer’s disease.​

Several years later, CPI has a patent pending algorithm that is eminently repeatable and measures any degree of memory shift (at any stage) and is not considered a diagnosis. It simply provides the physician with a strong piece of information that s/he can consider in making a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and further used by the diagnosing physician in their continued monitoring and treatment of persons with Alzheimer’s disease.​

Both Physicians and individuals can order the testing, all we need is an electrocardiogram. Physicians send an electronic copy of their patient’s ECG to CPI for analysis, whereas individuals send hard copies of their electrocardiogram in for digitizing and analyzing. ​

CPI provides the ordering physician or person who placed the order with an Alzheimer’s score card on a scale of 0-100. ​

And what’s exciting is that we can detect memory shifts in the brain at their earliest inception. ​